About Scentus

Shimi Afarin Shams Knowledge Based Company, relying on its technical, specialist and young team, has established a scientific complex on the development of construction products specially the production of dry mortars and constructional adhesives in appropriate with climatic conditions, observing environmental topics and to the satisfaction of the consumer. Currently, the company’s products are provided under the brand name of (SCENTUS); it strives to cover the region’s market by relying on up-to-date knowledge, experience and machinery in line with European standards.

The name Scentus is derived from the name of a bacterium called Crescentus. Recent studies on bacterial secretions show that the bacterium of caulobacter crescentus produces adhesives that are three times the strength of the world’s most commercially available adhesives. Caulobacter crescentus is an organism that colonizes in wet areas such as the body of ships, water pipes and even surgical catheters and withstands the very high pressure of water on the body of marine jets. The results of the scientists’ research show that this adhesive is a polymer of polysaccharides, which has the average force required to separate the bacteria from the polymer at 70 Newton / mm2, while the average force for the most potent commercial adhesives is 25  Newton / mm2.

This collection seeks to leverage world-class knowledge to enhance the quality of its current and future manufactured products in collaboration with major domestic and foreign research centers.

Our services

Designing and establishing a factory, developing new products related to the construction industry and producing all kinds of dry and ready mortar

  1. Consultation on the construction of dry mortar production line factories


  2. Offering innovative products and solutions in the dry mortar industry


  3. Specialized sales of construction materials and equipments


  4. Construction project management


Mission and Vision


Becoming the most prestigious brand of new construction products in the region in the next five years


The mission of Shimi Afarin Shams Knowledge Based Company is to become a unique company in producing, exporting, selling and providing services in the field of new construction products in Mashhad, thus helping to promote the construction industry and saving time, money and energy which is a worth assistance to all the engineers of the Islamic homeland. The company also plans to expand its market in the Middle East region by covering customer needs and satisfying them.

Scentus from the past to the present

July 2014

Performing studies and requirement assessments of the constructional materials market with the use of modern technologies

February 2015

Establishment of the research and development team of the Scentus Industrial Group

December 2015

Achieving a unique product formula that meets European standards

May 2016

Laboratory production of primary product

September 2016

Design of factory and production lines according to the latest technologies in the world

July 2017

Construction of factory and commissioning of mechanized production lines

February 2018

Production of industrial product sample

June 2018

Obtaining approvals from the competent authorities and entering the market

About Scentus

Based on its technical, expert and young team, Danesh Chemistry Afrin Shams Company has launched a scientific suite on the development of construction products, especially the production of dry mortar and adhesives suitable for climate, environmental and Consumer satisfaction. Currently, the company’s products scentus (SCENTUS), relying on up-to-date knowledge, experience and machines in line with European standards, strive to cover the region’s market share.