Scentus Tile Grout

Scentus Tile Grout Powder, which is manufactured on the basis of technical knowledge and using fully automatic machines in Iran, is an up-to-date product that is widely used. This product is suitable for sealing ceramic tiles, stone and brick facades mounted on dry and wet surfaces of wall and flooring.

Scentus Masonry Mortar

Using this mortar, there is no need for providing cement, sand and gravel in kilograms; while, decreasing required workforce, its quality is guaranteed. Respecting civil rights by not discharging sand, you do not create traffic on the streets, and while keeping public passages clean, you may prevent waste of building materials. Adhesive features and efficiency of Scentus constructional mortar are improved with polymer additives that increase the speed of application, increase adhesion and durability of buildings

About Scentus

Based on its technical, expert and young team, Danesh Chemistry Afrin Shams Company has launched a scientific suite on the development of construction products, especially the production of dry mortar and adhesives suitable for climate, environmental and Consumer satisfaction. Currently, the company’s products scentus (SCENTUS), relying on up-to-date knowledge, experience and machines in line with European standards, strive to cover the region’s market share.