Wallpaper Adhesive

Scentus Wallpaper Adhesive

Scentus Wallpaper Adhesive is a type of Polymeric Cellulose Powder which is soluble in water, used for pasting cellulose paper materials. When using the product, you have enough time to put wallpaper in the right place. If you intend to remove the wallpaper from the wall in future, it makes no problem; it may be removed easily. This adhesive is easily dissolved in water. When using the adhesive, gradually add the adhesive to the water.

About Scentus

Based on its technical, expert and young team, Danesh Chemistry Afrin Shams Company has launched a scientific suite on the development of construction products, especially the production of dry mortar and adhesives suitable for climate, environmental and Consumer satisfaction. Currently, the company’s products scentus (SCENTUS), relying on up-to-date knowledge, experience and machines in line with European standards, strive to cover the region’s market share.